Thank you for visiting American Association for Homecare’s HME Audit Key, an audit tracking system to collect data that will completely and accurately track the impact of Medicare audits on HME suppliers and present compelling data that policymakers cannot ignore.

AAHomecare encourages all HME Suppliers to sign-up for AUDIT KEY to experience the benefits of the survey and contribute to the success of AAHomecare's advocacy efforts.

Below are three brief presentations we have developed that provide an overview of the program, getting started, and entering data into the system.

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Why Participate?

  1. Real data - No more anecdotal evidence!
  2. Drive much needed improvements in the Medicare HME Audit program!
  3. Identify HME audit trends within your organization / state / region!
  4. Use results to educate your staff and take preventive measures to guard against future audits!

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You will need your organization's NPI and respective 5-digit zip code. If you have any questions or need helping registering, please contact technical support.

Complete The Survey

Our industry has reported that we are under siege from audits and it is now time to prove it. Please take the time to have your company be a part of this very important initiative. Without good solid numbers, we will not be able to state our case effectively!